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Historic Jeddah Festival


Projects Name:
Historic Jeddah Festival.

General Entertainment Authority.


2014 – 21015 – 2016 – 2107.

Visitors Numbers:
5 M.

Project Duration:
44 Days – 41 Days – 10 Days – 46 Days.

Services Benchmark Provided:
1.Concept Creation.
2. Event Management.
3. Production.
4. PR Campaign.

Historic Jeddah Festival is an annual festival held in Al-Balad District of Jeddah, the historic Jeddah festival as an artistic elegant area full of entertaining activities suitable for all ages and not just limited to exploring the city’s heritage, the main goal of the event is to promote the kingdom as a source of knowledge, literature, and Islamic as well as Arabic history by presenting Jeddah’s heritage and traditions to the visitors.

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